522 Sensor

Hand paper towel roll dispenser –  Sensor

The 522 Sensor hand paper towel dispenser ensures maximum hygiene with its no-touch dispensing system. The delivered paper length can be set to 3 different sizes or to a special automatic delivery mode.
The use of recycled materials makes this dispenser a solid sustainable solution.

• Hygienic, no need of manual contact
• Easy to switch to manual Straight Cut version (057904/001) and vice versa
• Responsible production: Backplate 100% recycled ABS / Cover 25% recycled PS
• Customizable to proprietary captive systems with special corks
• Closed with key lock system – permanent key available
• 3 sizes of paper towel length (S,M,L)
• Automatic paper towel delivery mode
• Equipped with bubble level for easy positioning
• Rubber feet on the backplate assure the stability on the wall and reduce the noise
• Metal hinges
• Paper supports (yokes) can be adjusted without taking the dispenser off the wall
• Screws for mounting supplied

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