customized solutions
We support your strategy!

Products, designed for you

To create a solution that is an extension of your brand.


in accordance with your specific needs.

We work for and with our partners to provide customized solutions in order to enhance the end-user experience
and integrate different identities.

Our team of designers and engineers with a vast experience in the hygiene and locker industries ensure product development, from concept and design to the production of the final product, ready for the market.

flexibility to serve your needs

We work for and with you to provide customized solution in order to enhance the end-users experience and integrate different identities

prority to relationship

We assure the quality of our relationship with providers and distributors

the quality of service

We control the quality of
our products from
creation to delivery


a wide knowledge of the hygiene industry and laundry lockers business

SCI-Services provides complete solutions for different sectors




Since years, we successfully diversify our production strategy, to better match the Customer needs, to optimise the production capacity, and reduce risks


Quality will never be an issue

Efficient quality control process is in place to ensure the requested standards


we are at your service!

With our technical experience and expertise, we work for a wide range of industries

Reliability and tradition

Over a century of experience in dealing with professional customers, makes SCI-Services (former Steiner System) the best candidate for a winning partnership

Swiss approach

With trustable outstanding service

Innovation and efficiency

From the papercut dispenser, the cloth-towel cabinet, or the Click-O-Matic® concept, we invented the most innovative systems, unequalled for efficiency and standing quality

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