About us

Our mission

We believe in an accessible hygiene in the world of services for all the people and companies.
We apply our commitment to innovation, quality, our understanding of end user needs and our relationships with suppliers to deliver these systems.
We believe in creating profitable growth in harmony with environmental sustainability.

Our values

Flexibility to serve your specific needs

We work for and with you to provide customized solutions in order to enhance the end-users experience

Priority to relationship

We assure the quality
of our relationship
with providers and distributors

Quality of the service

We control the quality
of our products
from creation to delivery

Our team

Carlo Gerolamo Federici
Sales and Marketing Director
Christophe Bizzini
Monique Van der Poel
Customer Service Team Manager
Nicolò Tumbarello
Warehouse Manager – Italy

Our worldwide activity

SCI-Services is currently selling in more than 34 countries.

In Europe : France, Germany, Italy, England, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Etc.

Other countries : China, Emirates, Singapore, Africa, Taiwan, Etc.

Would you like to be distributor for open Regions? Write us or call us…

Our history

We benefit from a strong reputation in the market.
SCI-Services has a tremendous technical experience and expertise.
  • 1889
    The DNA of SCI-Services SA is connected with the birth of Steiner Corporation SA, pioneering in the field of laundry industry. Then, we developed several ranges of hygiene products.
  • 1913
    We invented first cloth towel dispenser (F8).
    The mechanism, unique at the time, provided a clean portion of cloth for the user
  • 1962
    The cloth towel dispenser became successful in the USA with 1 million dispensers sold
  • 1963
    Steiner Company International established itself in Europe
  • 1980
    Visio Soap dispenser created in the 80th is still commercialized today
  • 1997
    The visiopaper hand towel dispenser was created with automatic cut (A97).
    Over two millions users continue to use this dispenser
  • 2009
    We launched the Rico Line with a more contemporary version of the famous automatic cut towel dispenser
  • 2016
    We became SCI-Services SA
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