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Transport in the Suez Canal

On March 24, container vessel EVER GIVEN ran aground in the Suez Canal, blocking one of the world’s busiest sea routes for the last few days. More than 100 vessels are currently blocked in the occurred traffic jam. The backlog is sure to have enormous repercussions on European port terminals and schedules and might cause

A technology to reverse climate change

This year we are supporting a young innovative company from Zurich, active in carbon dioxide removal services. To prevent the worst impacts of climate change we have to do all that is possible to reduce the emission of CO2. But we should also do everything we can to remove CO2 back out of the air.

Hygiene stations in Switzerland

The global pandemic situation increased the sensibility on the subject of hand hygiene in 2020.All commercial entities had to equip their entrances with adequate hygiene stations.With our vast range of solutions for dispensers for disinfectant gels, we helped different clients prepare their activities for the new hand hygiene guidelines. Here are just some examples of

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