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Interclean Amsterdam: a very successful exhibition for SCI-Services
May 28, 2018
Interclean Amsterdam: a very successful exhibition for SCI-Services

The first exhibition after the take-over of Steiner System activities was a fruitful experience. SCI-Services looks back at a very successful week at Interclean Amsterdam.

High performance papercut solutions

We presented our complete range of high performance papercut dispensers with some new dispensers. We made a compact version of our highly appreciated Autocut, the only papercut dispenser with a clean straight cut: The Pico Cut. It holds a rolls up to ø160 mm and uses the same highly reliable mechanism as our best-selling Autocut.

Following the demand of many of our clients we also relaunched the Pico S, the smallest sensor dispenser on the market with a great capacity to hold a ø200 mm roll. All papercut dispensers can be customized for proprietary systems, and can be combined with the new foam soap dispensing system for our exclusive cartridges.


New advanced SCI dispenser line

Another focus was our new complete dispenser line which features some very interesting solutions which are highly customizable by our clients for powerful brand identification.
The line includes an innovative multi-function Jumbo – AirFreshener which combines a Jumbo, with stub roll and air fragrance diffuser in a single dispenser.
Another interesting solution is the TwinRoll. It holds two compact toilet rolls with vertical distribution. The new roll automatically takes the place of the ended roll.
Of course we also include our papercut solutions in this line as well as a manual and a no touch soap dispenser.

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