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A technology to reverse climate change
février 8, 2021
A technology to reverse climate change

This year we are supporting a young innovative company from Zurich, active in carbon dioxide removal services.

To prevent the worst impacts of climate change we have to do all that is possible to reduce the emission of CO2.

But we should also do everything we can to remove CO2 back out of the air.

Stop emitting means looking at what we do, switching to cleaner production and transport methods. Removing CO2 from the air is another story.

Climeworks develops, builds, and operates direct air capture machines.

Carbon dioxide is captured directly from the air. The air-captured carbon dioxide can either be recycled and used as raw material or completely removed from the air by safely storing it.

The carbon dioxide is first removed from the air with direct air capture machines. Then it is mixed with water and pumped deep underground. Through natural mineralization, the carbon dioxide reacts with the basalt rock and turns into stone within a few years.

The carbon dioxide is thus removed from the air and returned to earth, permanently and safely. No weather conditions or fire can harm it or cause leakage of carbon dioxide.

SCI-Services mandated the removal of 1 ton of carbon dioxide.

If you like to learn more about the project please visit:

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