Sanitary napkins

Different organizations call to provide free sanitary products for anyone who needs them. We’ve seen increased attention for direct access to these products in schools and institutes. In response, we’ve improved one of our dispensers to make it suitable to hold sanitary napkins. This dispenser can assure free access to sanitary napkins for girls and

INOX: Eleganz und exklusivität

Die Hochleistungs-Edelstahlspender der INOX Line bringen Eleganz und Exklusivität in Ihre Waschräume. Wir bieten eine große Auswahl an Seifenspendern: mit Kartuschen oder mit Nachfüllbehälter. Das neue Modell 115 verfügt über eine manuelle und eine berührungslose Sensorversion und kann, je nach Bedarf, mit einer Flüssigkeits-, Schaum- oder Sprühpumpe entsprechend geliefert werden. Wir haben zwei

Hand hygiene – Twin stands

Last year we introduced stands for soap distributors, which are requested to set up flexible stations for hand hygiene.The stands, combined with our sensor soap dispensers, have met a high demand. To better serve our clients who need solutions for busy locations, we now add a solution that holds two soap stands: The Twin stand.

Drop stop cover for stands

To improve the hygiene of our stands for soap dispensers a new accessory has been introduced: A washable cover for the drop stop for extra hygiene. Any drops are collected in the cover which can easily be placed and replaced on the stand. To ensure hygiene the drop stop cover is made of antibacterial PP

Hygiene stations in Switzerland

The global pandemic situation increased the sensibility on the subject of hand hygiene in 2020.All commercial entities had to equip their entrances with adequate hygiene stations.With our vast range of solutions for dispensers for disinfectant gels, we helped different clients prepare their activities for the new hand hygiene guidelines. Here are just some examples of

Exclusive table stand for flexible hand hygiene

With the introduction of our new sensor soap and gel dispensing system the 115, we encountered the need to make it available in any spot. After the introduction of the floor stand that can also be mounted on the wall, we have now developed a table stand. A stainless steel support with an antibacterial slide

Stands for dispensing system 115

To make hand hygiene available in any public area we have developed special stands. The stands are available for our soap dispenser 115 sensor version and our soap dispenser 110 with arm lever. It offers maximum flexibility as it be positioned anywhere and can be moved anytime. The floor stand includes a plexiglass top for

SCI-Services SA – Flexible Hand Hygiene Solutions

The need for hand hygiene is more and more key, in every corner of society.Cleaning your hands is no longer limited to washrooms but is now necessary for all public areas.Therefore SCI-Services SA developed a new dispensing system for soap or sanitizer gel, which is easily adaptable to different locations.The new dispenser is produced with

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